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If You Are At Risk Of Heart Disease You Ought To Have A Look At The Great Cholesterol Lie Program

If you are like most individuals today you most likely think that high cholesterol levels is something which leads to heart disease. Doctors will normally prescribe cholesterol medication to individuals who fear heart disease, and many people believe this is the single thing which can be done concerning this. A primary reason people believe this is simply because of all of the different TV commercials as well as diet medications that are currently available for individuals who are suffering from high cholesterol. There is a brand new program on the web at this time called "The Great Cholesterol Lie", and it explains to men and women that high cholesterol has nothing to do with heart disease.

Dr. Dwight Lundell is the individual who actually produced this program, and as a heart surgeon he has actually done over 5000 heart surgeries on various men and women. This is clearly somebody who knows what they are discussing in relation to the heart, and not just some "no-one" who's giving their opinion. Something else I would like to mention is that he best diet honestly believes that out of all the surgeries that he performed, nearly all these people could have prevented their issues. Something else that Doctor Lundell states is that heart disease has a cure, which is something you'll not hear from just about any other doctor.

One of the initial things you're going to learn in this program is that cholesterol is not as evil as individuals think, in fact it is vital to your survival. Cholesterol is something which is actually made by your body, and this happens when people's cholesterol levels end up getting too low. Your body is not going to produce something naturally that is bad for you, therefore cholesterol isn't nearly as bad as all the media makes you think.

The real reason for individuals having heart disease is mainly because of inflammation and not due to cholesterol. There's a lot of people out there today who have heart disease, you should additionally be aware of the fact that quite a lot of these people don't have high cholesterol, they have never smoked or even taken a drink within their life. Another thing you are going to learn is that all of those so-called medications that are meant to control people's cholesterol levels can cause heart disease along with a number of other different health problems.

For those of you who choose to check out his website you're going to find many testimonials from individuals thanking him for actually writing this book. There's one testimonial in particular that I want to mention, and it is from an individual who had a number of different medical issues and was able to deal with them thanks to this program. You are going to see that loads of these testimonials are from individuals who were taking different kinds of medications for their high cholesterol, and after utilizing this information their doctors took them off of this medication.

For individuals could be wondering exactly how much this program costs I ought to point out that it can be purchased through their website for just $49.95. You are in addition going to find out that there's a cash back guarantee which is good for 8 weeks if you choose to invest in this program. Doctor Lundell truly provides some amazing information in this book and it is something that I believe everyone should check out.

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